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[Malay-Movie] Nur Kasih - The Movie [2011] PPVrip

Title : Nur Kasih - The Movie
Genre : Drama | Romance
Cast : Remy Ishak , Fizz Fairuz , Tiz Zaqyah , Ayu Raudah , Mia Sara Nasuha , Liza Othman , Syafie
Director : Kabir Bhatia
Release Date : May 19, 2011

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Nur Kasih The movie is a story of how a family cope with every test from God. Aidil death of his wife made ​​such an impression depth, especially on Aidil itself. He was accompanied by her two children that Illyasand Mary. Aidil called the brother of Adam and his wife Nur Amina also help to reassure Aidil .After Aidil undone, Adam and Nur Amina back into town to lead normal lives. Aftermany attempts, finally Nur Amina pregnancy. The good news has to make everyone happy, especially Adam. Buthappiness is not prolonged because thehad a miscarriage.As a result of depression, the Adam and Amina Nur went to Jordon to cool off. Theyvisit many historical places there.Until one day, they have been involved in a train accident. At this time, Adam prayed to God for the return of Nur Amina. finally,they both survived.But Nur Amina ring was lost. So, Adam went to the crash site to search for Nur Amina ring. Unfortunately, hurricanes have hit thethe area and Adam was missing. Nur Amina trying to find Adam without despair. Hehas also asked for help from Aidil together to find Adam. When he was satisfied to find, they finally managed to findAdam. But at that time, Adam was in serious conditionbecause he has been involved in a car accident.

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